About Sun Gold Photography

I’m Damian, co-founder and lead photographer at Sun Gold Photography.  My lovely wife and business partner, Paula and I started this amazing journey together over a decade ago and the journey has been nothing short of amazing.  It is true that if you find something you love and figure out how to make a living doing it, you'll never work a day in your life.  Not to say it's not hard work but it is unbelievably rewarding and life changing to share in lives of others and capturing the essence of their love.


How did you become photographers?

I was introduced to photography by a friend almost 20 years ago and I fell in love with it.  My passion for the craft grew stronger so I started learning more about it reading every article I could get my hands on including the camera manual. It was the prime age of film photography so I didn't have the luxury of chimping (peeking at the back of the camera), to see if the photo came out ok.  When I took my first pictures I couldn't wait to get to the lab to have them developed so I could see the photos, I was instantly hooked! As an artist you are always looking for something to inspire you to create images that hopefully to inspires others.

I worked as a photographer at two of the most prominent photography companies in Jamaica, where I was able to develop my skill in creating professional images. After a few years when I decided to go on my own, I met the most amazing woman in the world who became not just my wife and business partner, but the beginning of a new era in my life.  I believe God brought us together for a reason, it was the birth of Sun Gold Photography, a business model that was not just about taking pretty pictures but rather building relationships with our clientele.  You truly become a part of the Sun Gold Family the day you sign the contract.


What kind of Photography do you do?

I love the creative aspect of photography but I also get a sense of satisfaction meeting and working with people. I had to find a way to bring creativity and personality together and what better way to meet and connect with new and amazing people from different cultures and demographics than wedding and portrait photography, with the added benefit of getting to travel to amazing places whether local or international.

Wedding photography is my personal favorite because it is the doorway to touching the lives of others with the work that we do.  There's no other feeling greater than hearing the hundreds of people you photograph many years later saying things like – "You were the highlight of my wedding day", "The photos you captured are so moving" – "I feel like I relived my the day through the photos".  The memories preserved for the families to relive and share for generations is unparalleled.


Why San Antonio?

Coming from the islands where we have that closeness and small town feel, San Antonio was the obvious place to be.  Aside from the hill country being the most beautiful parts of Texas, San Antonio has heart, beauty, history and an undeniable friendly, family oriented atmosphere. We are based in the beautiful New Braunfels city limits, one of the fastest growing cities in Texas just twenty minutes outside of San Antonio.  It is the most enchanting place to be.


What makes Sun Gold Photography different?

Aside from our fun, lovable Island spark which everyone seem to connect with, we really try to create an atmosphere for our clients to enjoy. being in front of the camera can be intimidating sometimes, allowing them to have fun and get great photos yet still get to fully enjoy their Big Day is of the utmost importance!  We love the high fashion look as well as the artistic lighting effects that help to create unique images for each wedding that the couple and their families can appreciate and enjoy.